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The Dreaded Crystal Meth of Death. By;- Mike j Hughes

I have seen for myself the effects of crystal meth on people's minds and body, and it is so pathetic and unbelievable. I knew a few people who were so addicted to this dangerous drug. When you even try to make an attempt and talk to them,- you will see they make no sense at all.
As an example you would hear them babble away,- not making any sense at all ,-something like this;-- ``My friend is a very nice person and he wears very cool shoe lases, you know the good ones, and my cat is the bucket.!! and and he brings me gifts ,-like very cool you know. I saw my friends and they are sneezing and laughing at the plane that went by``. It is so fucking pathetic indeed. You can not get any reasonable conversation from someone so fucked up on this sad indeed.

It is a very real problem among our young people today, ;-and is a result of an inner emptiness that gets them caught up in a vicious cycle of addiction. They become so desperate that they will rob little old ladies for what little money they may have. These people despite their criminal activity are not evil to the core,- they are simply frightened human beings who seem to be so profoundly ill and very empty inside due to the fact that they are in no way in contact with their own soul, again ,a form of spiritual starvation.

There are, at this time,- certain Masters who are dealing with this problem. Many of these Masters will give an incredible experience of what their lives could be if they simply give up the drugs. The visions of a possible self realization given are very powerful , and in turn they are given a brief contact with their own inert Divinity. This will inspire them to such a life changing degree that will be very powerful indeed,-so much so that after such an experience they have given up their substance abuse problems and are left with an amazing desire to serve their fellow human beings who are as well suffering from spiritual starvation that is rampid through out our world at this time.

When various world tensions begin to calm down we will see the the drug abuse problems decline dramatically. People today are under tremendous stress at this time due to the fact with whats going on in our world today ,-so it is not hard to understand why many are taking to the use drugs.

One of the best ways for individual drug addicts to begin their healing is to find some kind of altruistic form of service which will decentralize themselves from their own ego with its addictions, and to put others ahead of themselves. Service is a very powerful way of ridding and burning up bad karma. At the same time it will be a very healing and rewarding experience that will remain in the soul memory as an aspect of humanity`higher spiritual nature . This will not only be an act of service ,but will boost ones sense of worth in the world. Service is the key my friends!

Let the healing begin.

2012,- A New Begining. By;- Mike j Hughes
To find true peace of mind we must learn to decentralize ourselves and see the big picture as it really is. It is through service and spiritual LOVE that we learn to be truly happy.
Remember always ,- the seeds of true high Greatness lie deep within you as aspects of your own ``divine higher self``.

Feel not that you are alone in your suffering and tribulations ,- for the greater bulk of humanity as well ,at this unique time in human history, are struggling with great pain and confusion.

2012 is the year wherein great inner changes are now taking place. I can best describe what we are passing through by saying that the human family is undergoing tremendous ``psychic growing pains``.

We, as the human family, are passing through the experience of the biblical ``Prodigal Son``,- in that we have grown tired and weary, and have had enough of the ``old ways`` of tyrants, war, materialism, complacency, and all that is preventing and hindering the growth and expansion of the human spirit.

2012 marks a great out-pouring of Light , Love, and Power now streaming forth into the hearts and minds of all humanity, of such magnitude, of such incredible potency as never seen before in all human history.

This great out-pouring is in answer to the desperate evocative cry for help, and as a sign that we are responding at last to the energy of the human soul,- and that a break-through into a measure of Light where can be seen the errors of our ways that have caused so much suffering and agony of mind.

Bitter and unsatisfied,- man is ready now to stand and depart from the strange lands of alienation, distance,and disappointment, and to make the long journey back to the ``Fathers House``,only this time garnered with eons of Wisdom accumulated through many eons of suffering and painful endeavour.

We are now coming to the realization that we are essentially spiritual beings treading the long sojourn, and unfolding our true ``Higher Self`` purity of a full enlightened Being [ or Buddha ],- but then again, this is only the beginning of a new cosmic journey.

Remember we are living ,evolving ,and having our being within a 2ND ray Solar System wherein the principle of LOVE will reach it`s highest form of expression as far as this Mahamanvantara is concerned.

Without struggling and suffering there is no merit. We can never hope to evolve into a fully enlightened being and a Lord of Compassion without enduring eons of suffering. Without suffering we can never aspire to understand the true and full meaning of Divine Compassion, much less than a ``Lord of Compassion``.

The advanced egoic units of humanity today are beginning to tread the ``Lighted Way``. They ``stand in spiritual being`` as the shining Lights, as `` Pillars`` of the coming Civilization that is already beginning to grow and taking shape within the hearts and minds of men and woman of Goodwill everywhere to be found regardless of religion, political affiliations, and so on.

They are men and woman to be found in all fields of human endeavour who know , in their own way, the working out of the ``Divine Plan``on Earth.

They are aware of the fact that Humanity is ONE.

The uprising we are now witnessing throughout the world is the result of inner awakenings and the inner stirrings of the soul galvanizing humanity towards right human relations.

2012 is really the symbol of humanity coming into alignment with the divine principle dwelling within each and everyone of us ,- stimulating us towards higher aspirations which will be the hallmark of a new cycle of spiritual evolution.

Remember well my dear friends ,- the year 2012 marks the end of all limitations of the human psyche, and a time of rebuilding our world along more just and sane values.

Humanity is ,at large , the student aspiring towards an ever increasing expansion of awareness regarding our place in the cosmos, and in understanding ourselves as to the Divine Beings we really are.

The student is ready,.. and the approaching footsteps many are aware of , is that of the coming World Teacher.

``Take your brothers need as the measure of your action and solve the problems of the world``

- Maitreya -

Sharing and World Need. By;- Mike j Hughes
When I was in my early teens and through my 20's I have always felt a heartbreaking reality regarding the suffering and wars ,the cruelties ,and the utter stupidity of the human condition I faced with each and everyday. Since I was a kid I have always felt a nagging urge to be involved in some sort of service activity due to the fact that I am in touch with my soul through meditation practiced throughout my many lives.

The science of meditation enables one to become in contact with one's soul,or higher self. When one comes into contact with one's inner divinity,and that energy one has come into contact with will ,in time, produce within oneself a strong need to serve humanity and to release that inner divinity through a life of altruism, and to begin to understand the human condition so that the best type of service can be developed. I sometimes despair of the fact that I am just one person who really wants to serve in some capacity, and yet feel somewhat that anything I can do would be futile and ineffective , and this would bother me so much. Many years ago I began to be aware of the fact that I was not the only person who feels this sense of powerlessness and this heartbreaking state of mind.

Throughout the years I began getting involved with group work and group meditation and made many friends, such as getting into a focused and steady service work with Transmission meditation that was initiated by artist and esotericist Benjamin Crème in whom I greatly regarded as an honest man with an hop full positive message for those of all religions, and as well as for those of no religions. What Ben's work is ,is to let the world aware of the fact that now ,there is in the world at this time a very extraordinary man who is to be the World Teacher for all humanity during the whole age of Aquarius. As I began to study the Alice. A Bailey works, the Work of H.P Blavatsky and the Teachings of the Masters of the far east and many endeavours of the Theosophical Society ,and this had for, me, the ring of truth and still has after so many years of study.

I am no more filled with the feelings of a futile worker towards helping and serving my fellow man, and have come to find others who feel and think along the same general lines of thought,and when you have others who are about the same point of evolution working together with a strong meditative focus then many very powerful and positive phenomena can be precipitated onto physical planes , thus becoming a reality that can be seen and known . People of goodwill all over the world are now connecting together in a spirit of cooperation and are becoming aware that there is indeed a Divine Plan ,and those who can respond to the new cosmic energies streaming into our world at this time will ,through an act of will , focus their energies and produce a measure light enough to lift humanity out of these very dark and materialistic times ,and to learn to live together in peace and cooperation ,thus setting loose those building forces allowing the Divine Plan to work itself out through the human kingdom.
I want everybody to know how I thank them for letting me know that I am not alone. Thank You,-and God Bless you all.

Lucis - The Mantram of the New Group of World Servers

A strong subjective relation exists between all servers of the Plan. This coherent, integrated group is transmitting spiritual energy throughout all areas of human thought and action to strengthen world unity and right human relationships. Men and women of goodwill link up in thought every day at five o'clock with this world group of servers, using this mantram with dedication and silent, focussed attention.

This can be done in a few seconds of time wherever one may be.

This mantram probes more deeply into the spiritual essentials of progress on the Path by accepted disciples than almost any other mantram we have. Its contemplation and daily use brings in a flood of divine energy. As used by an individual it is a pledge by the personality to the soul. As used by a group it produces group alignment and consecration to world service. It is a direct appeal to God and when sincerely used with firm intent inevitably evokes response. The three required essentials for the world server: self-forgetfulness, harmlessness, and right speech, cover the entire life expression of a pledged world disciple, a pledge he has taken to his own soul and which he demonstrates as a disciple in the ashram of his Master.

Please promote the flow of goodwill and send this link to a friend

Neo-Nazi Gooftroops. By;- Mike j Hughes
Many neo-Nazi groups are becoming more exposed along with their perverted ideas of so-called ``racial purity``along with their ridiculous doctrines of Aryan supremacy and the dividing of humanity against each other .
People who see no unity with their own species have always failed ,and have paid dearly the cost for their depraved and insane ideologies. The natural spiritual evolution of humanity is to unite in brotherhood and to cooperate with the unfoldment of the human potential as the norm.
Those who preach about holding fast to their ``racial purity`` are in deep error in their ways. If they were bright enough they would know the fact that there are no pure races in the world at this time ,and never has been for over 90,000 thousand years.!!
A wise man has said ;- ``Hate destroys the soul of anyone who tries to teach it``. Adolf Hitler and those closest to him within his inner circle were profoundly wicked and very deeply evil men who sought to bring slavery and madness into our world with the help of those evil forces known as the ``Lords of Materiality``who seek to contort and twist the course of human evolution and to lead humanity astray into distant and very dark places that would bring doom upon all living strands of spiritual understanding we have achieved through much hard earned effort down through many eons of human endeavor.
It is a well known fact that Adolf Hitler and a few others were dedicated occultists of the dark side who had developed their abilities as ``black magicians`` ,and who embodied within themselves that energy we know as the anti-Christ.

The neo-Nazi groups are doing their share in preventing ``the door where evil dwells`` from being sealed off . There are hate groups scattered all over the world , proving to be a menace to those who are seeking to be co-creators in the unfolding of the ``Divine Plan `` on earth.
Millions who are now coming into incarnation at this time are advanced men and woman who embody the principle of goodwill standing in spiritual being by being the pillars within their communities along their own specialized fields of endeavour working to bring light ,love and power , raising humanity`s spiritual vibration to a high level out of the reach of the forces of evil through out the human kingdom during the incoming age of Aquarius.

Creation Through Evolution. By;- Mike j Hughes
As a Theosophist I know that the ``Absolute`` employed` the elemental forces of evolution to bring about This beautiful creation.
In the beginning was the word - OM - The expansion of the universe.[or big bang]is the exhaling of that Great Being who sits in meditation deep. One day in the distant future, incomprehendable to us, this Great Being will inhale and remain in a interlude before being exhaled again repeating this cosmic cycle over and over again.

As above ,So Below. Everything active on a high spiritual macro-cosmos will repeat itself on a micro-cosmos level. If you split an atom you will discover a miniature solar system, - as above -so below-.
Study the ``law of analogy``and that of correspondence, and surly many mysteries will be revealed to an enquiring student.

Creation is in a state of becoming,- this ``becoming``is evolution itself. So we can see that creation is not as yet complete.
In a way we could say that creation will forever be in a state of eternal becoming, like an ever-opening flower.
As the universe expands, -then,-through the Law of Analogy ,so doe`s our consciousness

``Vail after Vail shall fall, Yet Vail after Vail remains.``
- The Buddha-

Cleaning The Mindbelt. By;- Mike j Hughes
It is well known that within 8 seconds of meeting some one we have already made an opinion as to who they are ,-whatever that may mean!. It is very important that we see eye to eye with no disguise that we may see the Light in each others eyes,and that brotherhood is a living reality and the rule to live by. On a soul level wherein our Higher Self resides, lies the Titanic Greatness we all share.

Within the mind belt upon the lower mental planes is a dark cloak of negative and highly destructive energy that man himself has energized and created over many eons through violent,insane and misuse ,and abuse of the substance of the lower mental planes. It now stands clear that this god awful mess is of our own doing. The karmic result of such crimes on the mental planes have resulted in many various diseases,- and the terrible agony of mind of which we see in the cases of mental illness and the heavy fate of insanity which is the lot of so many human beings through out human history ,and up to our present time as a suffering ,confused,and frightened humanity.

The work of dissolving and healing the harm of all the insane thought forms will be slow , tedious, painful,and arduous over the eons to come. As the race of men become increasingly polarized on the mental planes, and when humanity learns,- and can understand the fact that ``thoughts are things``that can harm or heal,;-then, and only then , will the race of men become true magicians knowing the laws of correct thought form building for the working out the ``Plan;; on earth and to truly become as co-creators of the Divine Universal Mind.

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The Evil of Market Forces.-- Share International
The 'engines of war' have been switched off. The cold war is over. But that energy cannot just disappear; it has to go somewhere. It has found a new womb: the commercialization created by market forces. This represents a serious new threat to the world. Market forces are the forces of wickedness, confusion and chaos, and its children are competition and comparison. They have created social and natural havoc. People have been condemned to death, literally, in the name of profit and loss.

The new creed of the superpowers has become 'the economy,' which is the soul of commercialization. Commercialization is more destructive than any nuclear bomb. The quality of commercialization is greed, which means making money while others starve.

Commercialization has affected all nations and will result in a final collapse of the world's stock markets. After this crash, the first duty of governments will be to feed people with the right food. Their second duty will be to ensure adequate housing. Next will come health and education.

In the new systems, social consciousness will guide market forces, not the other way around.

Chant to Shiva. By;- Art of Living


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